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    The Gathering dvd

    The first official independent concert DVD by THE GATHERING, entitled "A Sound Relief", is scheduled to be released mid-October on Psychonaut Records. Disc one of the two-DVD set will feature a live concert in DTS 5.1, recorded on May 23, 2005 at the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam in front of an international audience, while the second disc will contain bonus material, including a tour documentary, video interviews and a TV special about the 12.5-year history of THE GATHERING. The bonus disc will also feature a collection of beautiful 3D animation clips specially made for the band by 3-D artists Michel de Klein and Marcin Pazera.

    As previously reported, THE GATHERING will be releasing a luxurious double CD set full of rare and unreleased material, "Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides", on August 22 via Century Media Records. CD1 offers "the b-sides" from all of their out-of-print CD-singles, including rarities like "Adrenaline" and "Theme From The Cyclist", as well as cover versions from TALK TALK, DEAD CAN DANCE and SLOWDIVE. CD 2 is full of unreleased demo recordings.

    At the end of 1996, THE GATHERING recorded demos for their "Nighttime Birds" album with German rocker Eroc (GROBSCHNITT, etc.). For the first time ever, you can hear all of the alternate versions as well as two instrumentals that were not used on "Nighttime Birds".

    The other lost pearl from the band's archive are the so-called "Texel Tapes", with pre-production recordings for "How To Measure A Planet?", including great alternate versions. "Accessories - Rarities And B-Sides" also features detailed liner notes by the band, rare photos and a special packaging. More information is available at this location.

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    Cool! Thanks for posting that. I hope there's a version of "Vermillion" on there somewhere...(a jammy track they played when I saw them live).
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    I just bought my first Gathering CD, How To Measure A Planet?. I like it but it leaves me wanting. It's more mood music to me. They seem to lack melody or versatility. It's like once a song starts it's pretty much the same throughout. There are some changes in rhythym and sound effects but It's so subtle that the song never moves me. I guess what I'm trying to say is the album doesn't keep my attention at times. This band hits me like Sigour Ros but even Sigour kept my attention.

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