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    Fleetwood Mac 1969-1972

    I picked up this 4LP box set on Amazon Marketplace for $44. At $11 per album it was a steal. Still on sale at Popmarket for $53. Includes Then Play On, Kiln House, Future Games and Bare Trees. It also comes with a 45rpm single - have not listened to this yet. This is a Reprise reissue and the pressings are very good with great sound quality.

    Frankly, I missed most of these releases back in the day, but they are all excellent and representative of the British blues / folk / rock sound of their era. Yet it is easy to hear the progression to their later sound. Worthwhile to listem to them in order of release.

    You do not need to be a completist to pick these up - all four albums are a great listen whether you are a fan of the later FM or not.
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    Good find. I much prefer the older FM tracks before the female vocals. They got a little too sappy for me when it changed.

    I still spin an old comp someone here made 15-20 years ago when we used to trade comps regularly called "Mac-Nuggets"

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