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    Finding new music

    I guess I'm like most folks here - always on the lookout for new music that I may like. I've trolled this board for a long while and have picked up many "new to me" groups/artists that I really love - so, in that respect - many belated thanks to the members of this board who have shared their love of music.
    To that end, I'd also like to share a fairly new method I have used in finding new music (other than this board). I recently, started subscribing to a magazine called Time Out New York (I'm pretty sure they have Time Out editions for other cities) and I have "discovered" a whole bunch of artists that are new to me. Sometimes its pretty hit and miss stuff but it seems almost every issue I find an artist that I really appreciate. In the last few months I have learned about:

    Camera Obscura - Scottish, in the same vein as Belle & Sebastian - who I really like.
    Sophie Ellis Bextor - Sophisticated dance/pop. Sorta Saint Etienne ish.
    Walkmen - yeah they've been fairly huge here in NYC awhile and were in the car commercial...but they blew me away on first listen. A cross between the Pogues and Stereolab is how I heard them described once.
    Franz Ferdinand - I hear a bit of Cars influence, kind of a tweaked 80's sound.

    I could go on but you get the point. I used to find music in The Alternative Press but I found that went downhill a few years ago. Anyway, Time Out New York does have on line site but if anybody here would like me to post the weekly music picks I could do that as well.


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    That would be good. I've picked up a copy of TONY here & there over the years, but mostly in doctor's offices, quite frankly. I just never saw the point in paying for what you could always get in the Village Voice for free, at least so far as the listings go. The cult of the VV's listings section is something that I just can't find words's kinda funny how a lot of people live by something that nobody ever seems to talk about. Which means I think it's kinda taken for granted.

    Now that the NY Press (which was mostly a superior paper to the VV over the past 10-15 years content-wise) seems to have mysteriously dropped their music coverage, the VV & TONY are the only game in town for that sort of thing, unless you want to pick up a zine like New York Waste or something like that. But I've just never been a fan of TONY. It probably does a good job of existing somewhere between the VV & New York's Cue section, but it's not worth paying for for me & never was. They do run some good articles from time to time, though. And with one less outlet covering music I guess it just became more important.

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