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    A few newish listens

    Just got this one in the mail last night and am enjoying it.

    Matthew Dear : Beams
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    I had a track of his on my 2010 YEC (Fleece on Brain). I dig the guys lower register gravel trance voice. Sounds beaten, sleezy and danceable. That sort of middle ground of grime that Depeche Mode hit for me. Dear hews closer to Eno/Byrne on this than Depeche Mode; it's not DM. The best tracks are those that are the most uniquely his. It's not quite a full album of good tracks but there are enough of them to make it a decent purchase. The link below to Ahead of Myself via youtube is a mellow stunner.
    Matthew Dear - Ahead Of Myself - YouTube

    Vijay Iyer Trio
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    Had this one for a while now. My intro to Vijay was his previous, Historicity, which caught my ears because the guy's fingers are good. However, Historicity sometimes seems a bit sterile to me so it doesn't get the listens. This year's Accelerando, on the other hand, has been steadily getting play since it came out. There's a wonderful cover of Michael Jackson's Human Nature that I really enjoy despite never caring much for the original. So, if you want a good contemporary piano trio, this'll be my pick for 2012.
    Vijay Iyer Trio - Human Nature [Trio Extension] - YouTube

    Branford Marsalis : Four Mf's Playin' Tunes
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    Also probably one of the better jazz releases of 2012, not that I've surveyed very many. They're just damn good MF's playin' tunes. It's a pretty direct album. Easy to listen too. Kind of classical jazz. Marsalis has a knack for looking backward and forward at the same time. It's easy to miss how good and accomplished the playing behind the music really is.
    Branford Marsalis Quartet Four MFs Playin' Tunes Overview - YouTube

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    One more getting it's first spin today

    Marcus Miller : Renaissance
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    A very respectable electric-bass jazz funk album. I've only really hear him as a sideman. Pleasantly surprised by this one.

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