'Struttin’ With Some Barbecue' is NOT about food.... According to Cab Calloway’s Jive Dictionary "barbecue" is slang for a pretty woman. Here the quintet plays the song with pure second line New Orleans joy. The band swings so hard, that I envision them being the band leading the mourners returning from the graveyard, New Orleans funeral style, after having laid Louis’ body to rest.
Andre Heuvelman has collected 9 melancholic compositions. The compositions span a period of 400 years yet they all have that feeling of sweet sorrow. Andre and his band has carefully cut to the bone of each melody by using a very sparse instrumentation. As a consequence the voice of each instrument has to carry it’s full weight but it also makes it very easy to distinguish each voice.

So strong is the group’s character and the musical identity of each of its members that the integration of this material always feels organic and logical. Stenson’s lyrical touch, Jormin’s folk-flavoured arco bass and Jon Fält’s flickering, textural drumming are all well-displayed onContra la indecision, the trio’s first new recording in six years.
Linn Records - Brahms: The Symphonies

Ticciati’s interpretations are both muscular and energized, with detail and life in every line. Ticciati’s meticulous control of tempo, phrase shape and balance results in performances of extraordinary transparency and colour.