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    Do you ever have silly dreams about music?

    Last night I dreamt that I was standing in line for a reunion concert of The Rugles. It was a pretty young crowd so no one else noticed that the lead singer from the band was in line too. I recognized him (IRL I have no idea what he looks like) and he was pleased to be noticed, and I said, "yeah, but I'm old too!" Heheheh... he asked if I knew who was the opening act and I said, of course, Polyphonic Spree!

    Question: What song did they perform that will earn them a place in history?

    Anybody else dream about their favourite artist or band?

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    I seldom remember my dreams

    So, I can't say that I have dreamt about a favourite artist or band. Maybe I do, maybe I don't.

    But...I often fall asleep at night humming a favourite song in my head. I'll lie in bed singing something over and over in my mind until I finally fall asleep. Then I sometimes wake up in the morning with the same song stuck in my head. Weird, eh?

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    I have silly dreams, and I have dreams about music, but I haven't had silly dreams about music.

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    I've heard music that sounded like silly dreams. But not mine. Either way.
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    I used to dream that all of a sudden I was on stage with Iron Maiden. It did not matter that I couldn't play guitar. It seems that the crowd was screaming so loud that no one noticed. The thing I remember most is the incredible high that you get standing in front of a large crowd of screaming people.

    I've also had dreams that have soundtracks including songs that I've composed myself, while in the dream. The sad thing is is that I can never remember them when I wake up. But damn, they are good songs.

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    My dreams are usually about old girlfriends or other stuff.

    I dreamed that I sang for XTC once.


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