I love Carter and Grammer - call it bluegrass folk music.

They put out three albums together, culminating in the great album, Drum Hat Buddha.

Then Dave Carter died of a heart attack in 2002 at age 49. What a great loss. He was an amazing song writer.

Tracy Grammer has gone on to record a few more albums, so I went on to amazon to see if she had released anything new, and there was a new Carter/Grammer album, Seven Is The Number. It turns out it's not so new per se, being a re-recording of Carter's first solo album, They were working on it before he died. It was finally finished and mixed.

All I can say is that I haven't been able to stop playing it for four days now. I was able to find the chords for most of the songs on the web, and have added about four of them to my folk guitar playing repertoire.

If you love folk music and great story-telling song-writing - then this album is a must-have, along with Drum Hat Buddha and The Tanglewood Tree.

Carter was just breaking with big-time recognition for his song-writing genius when he died. His short discography will be cherished and loved for generations in the way that Nick Drake's reputation has grown over the years.