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    The Darkness - best rock act and best British group and best album?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey
    Yeah I know - but at least we came good with Duran Duran and their outstanding contribution to music award!!


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    Hey, it's on the internet so it must be true. Who'da thunk it?

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    Thumbs down Ugh.

    Yeah, The Darkness are GREAT! Especially if you pine for AOR bands like Journey, REO Speedwagon, and Boston to come back into the public consciousness! YAY! I hope there's a lightshow at their next concert!

    They're a bunch of assclowns. Even if their shtick is supposed to be ironic (I'm not sure if it is, to be honest), Spinal Tap beat them to it by a good 20 years, and they were actually funny. Nothing like a watered-down parody of a parody of sh-tty pretentious arena rawk. The hype machine sure picked a horrible band this time. Let's hope their 15 minutes will end soon.

    Moreover, Duran Duran for "Outstanding Contribution To Music?" I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Awards programs/articles from the mainstream music press (whether from the UK or US) are for the shortbus.

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    just think of them as perfomance art

    The one video I've seen of them is a real kick. But, I don't think they're trying to revivalists. I think they know that they're a parody, but at least where Spinal Tap was funny (but with dreadful music), these guys can rock, and do have musical talent. I do wonder how a follow-up will sound, since only about two-thirds of their debut was really note worthy. I hope they can take all the hype with a grain of salt and not let it go to their heads. I was surprised at how many of the younger audience seem to eat this stuff up however. Who knows, maybe grunge rock has a chance for a comeback. Or prog for that matter (...nah).

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