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    Crooked Rain, %

    (that % means to repeat.. heh)

    Ya know, I was probably the biggest Pavement fan you could find in 1992. I bought SLANTED AND ENCHANTED, listened to it all the time and must have played every track at least a dozen times on the air. Then they had a hit with that song "Cut Your Hair" and CROOKED RAIN, CROOKED RAIN came out and I just completely lost interest in the band. The strange thing is, is that I can't put my finger on the reason. Some kind of indie cred thing? I remember seeing the video for "Cut Your Hair" - and remember thinking that it really wasn't that great of a song. But I listened to other commercial things.. I wasn't that jaded? Or was I? Anyhoo, I didn't buy another Pavement album after that.
    I can't explain it. But next month I'll have the chance to correct this, as Matador is re-issuing CROOKED RAIN with all kinds of extra goodies. Sounds like fun. I picked up the reissue of SLANTED just mainly to get the WATERY, DOMESTIC ep. The remastered sound is nice (and loud), but there really isn't too much to do to improve upon such a lo-fi album.

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    In Sloshyland Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain will always beat Slanted by a factor of 1% of 1
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    I'm in the same camp as Slosh on this one....

    although I like Slanted just fine. It was a great first effort, and probably gave them an instant identity, but Crooked Rain is my fave of theirs without a doubt.

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