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    Concerts - rare one and regretted one

    I listened, without thinking about it, to a Ramones album and then Jane's Addiction Nothing Shocking in a headphone session the other day and suddenly remembered this show I'd seen in a very Baroque-ly designed ballroom of a hotel in downtown Pittsburgh in 1988 - tiny room really, but with a huge chandelier hanging over as the main lighting, big red velvet curtains pulled back around all the doors, and Jane's Addiction opening for the Ramones - J.A. touring their first album so really nobody in the room had heard them yet. And then the Ramones following that crazy scene up with their signature 1, 2, 3, 4!!(1 minute song) 1, 2, 3, 4!!(etc.)...just an awesome show/moment of history to have seen. That's my rare one. Regretted one is when I skipped seeing Townes van Zandt at a tiny bar in Eugene, OR in, probably, '91 for no reason other than I didn't feel like biking there in the rain - in Oregon! He died before I had another chance to see him. You got any good ones?

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    I've seen a lot of rare shows...........farewell Cream in 1968...........first Zeppelin tour of the US..........first Jeff Beck tour where nobody had ever heard of his new singer, Rod Stewart............etc.

    But the weirdest I remember is seeing Leon Russell in a very small biker bar in Arkansas..........and he had this huge band with horns and the obligatory black female backing vocals..........FANTASTIC.
    They put on an incredible 2-hour show of LR's hits.
    I was one of maybe 250 in the crowd..........I never could figure why he was there...........must have been doing it for a friend or something...........anyway, simply amazing !

    One regret in missing a show is when I turned down an opportunity to go see King Crimson in Dallas with a friend of mine...........this would have been in their heyday with Bruford and Wetton.........dammit !
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    I'm not sure that I've been to any rare shows that are noteworthy, but I can think of two very memorable moments.

    A couple of year's ago in Chicago with Swish and JohnMichael, at Buddy Guy's club. There was this great blues band on stage. These guys looked more like The Proclaimers than a blues band, but they were killer. Anyhow Buddy shows up, gets up on stage with them and does a tune. Seeing Buddy play in his own club was really special!

    Second memorable moment was at a Bowie concert. I think that it must have been the Sound and Vision tour in 1990. Mick Ronson came out and did a couple of songs from Ziggy Stardust.

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    Some of my rare ones are seeing Hendrix live (Woodstock 69). All of the people that I know that are Hendrix fans have never seen him play. Also the first time I saw the Allman Brothers (Philly 71) Duane and Greg together. Who knew that would be the only time.

    Regrets, I've had some. The biggest was not really my fault. It was March 1970 and I was in the Navy and being transferred from Key West to New London, Ct. I was flying military stand-by out of Miami to Philly and the plane was full so I had to wait till the next day for a flight. Little did I know that my brother had gotten tickets to see Led Zeppelin for us and that was as close to seeing Led Zeppelin as I got.
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    Rare: Stevie Ray Vaughan, right after his first album came out, in a C&W bar in Stone Mountain, Georgia. My elbows propped up on the stage, dead center, for the entire show.

    Shortly afterward, Pat Metheny Band (with Lyle Mays & Paul Wertico) in a tiny auditorium at the UGA student center.

    And a year later, at the old Omni in ATL, an Amnesty International benefit show... lotsa stars, but the headline set was supposed to be Sting. Instead, it was a surprise Police reunion show (and they killed it).

    And, of course, REM in 1982. $2 at the door, and a 2-drink minimum. Good times.

    Regrets: I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention. Had 2nd row tix for Jeff Beck in 1981, but my date cancelled out at the last minute and I said screw it.
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    rare ones would be a host of early hardcore shows back in the start of the 80s in dingy clubs with like 20 people around to see **** like Black Flag, Naked Raygun, the Adolescents and such. Quite a few of those. Then later on seeing the Uncle Tupelo guys starting out playing little acoustic gigs anywhere around town that would have them when I was living in Belleville where they all came from.

    Most regretted was not being able to get a ride to see The Clash open for the Who. Buddy went and I always hated him for it.

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    Not much I consider to be too rare. I saw the Close Lobsters in the ISU union bar. That was cool. I was at the Dismemberment Plan's (supposed) last show in DC.

    Regrets: Not going to see Soul Asylum in '88 on the patio of the same student union.
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    Speaking of Soul Asylum, here's a flyer from a fun gig they opened at around 85-86...

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    A law school class mate of mine scored tickets to Nirvana in Birmingham, AL on the In Utero tour and invited me to go. I passed because it was a weeknight, I was a single father, had class the next day and all that pussy stuff. Not too longer after that . . . and no one would see them again. I still regret not going. I told my son about it and now he thinks he has to catch every show that comes near him. That really wasn't my point in telling him.

    I saw Eric Clapton in Biloxi, MS in 1990. I'm not sure this qualifies as "rare", but the timing made it interesting. The Biloxi show was Labor Day weekend about a week after Stevie Ray Vaughan's death. Some of Clapton's people died in the same crash. Before the helicopter crash, it was rumoured that SRV might make a surprise appearance at the Biloxi show. Clapton came out dressed in black, hair slicked back, didn't say a word between songs, but just stood there and played his ass off. One of the more intense shows I've been to. Made his videos of live performances I've seen since then look like sleep walking.

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