While out to get "Black Sabbath-The Dio Years"(a 9 out of 10), I happened upon this 5cd
box set, and checked out the track list. It has all the favorites that Rock/Headbangers
have known since back in the day. Unlike the more recent "Metalogy" box set, there
are no dvd's. But thats all good, just que up these discs, crank it, and hang on. The
show opens with Turbo Lover, not my favorite Priest effort, but a good song. Some of
my favorites are; Locked In, Ride Hard, Rock Free, of course "You Got Another Thing
Comin"(As great a lead break ever put on tape), and can't forget, "Heading Out To The
Highway, with it's vintage Tipton/Downing opening. Some feel Sabbath "invented"
metal. I say Priest had them beat, both with song quality, and musicianship. All these
tracks are Remastered, with Glenn Tipton having a hand in it all the way. The Bass
in the earlier lp's was almost an after thought, that has been addressed, also the stereo
imaging is improved. If you want a lesson in what metal is about, from the kings, not
to mention a schooling on rock guitar, check it out.