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    Coheed and Cambria : ungamely long name // a review

    I'll refer to it as IV - First off, I like it. It sure sounds fresh to these ears. I already stated that these guys played power pop with an kinda '80s metal aestetic and prog leanings...there sure was a familiarity with these guys, though to my knowledge, I had never heard them before. They have had some radio success, even around here lately(Pacific Northwest).

    Now when I say '80s metal, I'm not referring to the hairy metal of the late '80s. In fact, I'd say that its more an early '80s, non-new wave rock sound, like The Tubes, The Romantics, maybe even Donny Iris 'Ah Leah' or 'Love Is Like A Rock', and yeah, maybe even some mid '80s Rush. Don't ask me why...that's just the first impression, and subsequent impressions as well. But they're only impressions...I'm not suggesting they sound like anyone. Maybe its because of the punchy, perkolating bass lines, crunchy guitars, fast tempo writing style. But make no mistake, the sound is not typical of alternative rock as I know it today.

    The lyrics are another matter however, as they are definately edgier, sometimes brooding, which is very typical of alternative rock's usual dark subject matter. I still need to listen this CD on headphones to try to decipher the storyline, but I can detect a theme.

    Well, I've heard enough to make me want to look for the next release, whenever that is. I may even visit their back cataloge (all of two albums). Some people may not hold any sentiment for this sound, but its very original sounding in today's neo-garage-punk scene.

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    I'm listening to GOOD APOLLO.. now and I think I like it better than the last one. After you get this one totally absorbed, I'd definately check out the previous album IN KEEPING THE SECRETS.. This new one isn't all that different than IN KEEPING.., to me it just sounds like little more mature, and it maybe curbs back some of the overt metal elements of the IN KEEPING (There's this one section of the title song that has this right-out-of-Iron Maiden sing-along chant "oh-woah-whoah! oh-whoah-whoa whoaa.. etc."

    Overall I really like the band, it's very interesting trying to disect their influences.. there really isn't anyone making music today that brings together as many ideas as they are.. they're masters of combining styles, but not masters of doing something groundbreakingly original.. meaning, they're great at cut-and-paste, which in a way, is original in itself.

    It's kind fun hearing those 80's styled guitar solos coming back too.. And one more point, the vocalist has really improved from the previous album, much more expressive and varied in his range. Not so much of the castrated Geddy Lee style..

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    Quote Originally Posted by -Jar-
    Not so much of the castrated Geddy Lee style..
    If you did that to Geddy only bats would be able to hear him and we would all be better off as a species
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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