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    Is Chesky's 10 best any good?

    Just wondering, or is there something better, as far as an all around "reference disc" goes.
    Thanks all!

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    I can garauntee you that it will sound great. I have the Chesky 10th Anniversary 2 disk set of World & Jazz on one with Classical. Their recordings are stunning and natural sounding. I don't own the disk you refered to but would love to hear it.


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    Don't know about that demo disc, but the only two Chesky CDs I have are the two Daviod Johansen and the Harry Smiths albums and they both sound very good. Great acoustic blues music as well.

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    Stereophile's Test CD 3 has great music that's extremely well recorded to go along with the test signals. Check Out Never Mind from Killer Bee's.
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