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    Check out Joe Bonamassa / killer guitarist

    I just got a copy of Joe Bonamassa's CD Blues Deluxe. It is incredible. This is rare for me, I played this CD from beginning to end without skipping or getting bored. Hence the title, this album is blues orientated, in the rocking way that maybe Alvin Lee, Johnny Winter or Stevie Ray Vaughn would be. Joe doesn't take a back seat to any of the mentioned artists. He has an acoustic guitar song on the album that is smokin'. I'm not sure I've heard an acoustic ripped like that before. I can't urge you enough to check this album out if you are into good guitar, you won't be disappointed. His band is also very tight. On a couple songs, the way Joe makes his strings sing reminds me some of Jeff Beck.

    To give you an idea of how impressed I was with Joe's playing, I am a customer service rep and I had this person on the phone helping them and they had Joe playing in the background, well I couldn't help asking who it was she was listening to. Our calls are recorded and I could have gotten a jab for not being professional or some crap like that, but I had to know.

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    Glad ya like him. Yes he is killer. I saw him twice so far. Once opening for Indigenous and the other time he opened for Greg Allman and Friends.

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    yep indeedy Joe's got chops

    Thanks for the Recomend, I have 'So it's like that' and think it fooking excellent, that one also comes with a bonus DVD -two hours of concert footage where Joe just rips it up.
    I'm ready for `nother cup-o-joe, have to pick up the one you mentioned.

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    Yup, we got a few fans of his around here. :thumbs:
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