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    The Chameleons S.O.T.B. 25th Anniv. Edition... now part of my growing cd collection, and what a nice addition it is. Script of the Bridge is one of my favorite records of all time, and this remastered version by Nigel Palmer is even better and includes a bonus disc with 3 previously unreleased version of In Shreds, Dear Dead Days, and Things I Wish I'd Said, plus 11 of the 12 tracks on the Script recorded live at Bremen in 1983, along with Singing Rule Britannia.

    I know there are plenty fans of The Chameleons on RR, but are you a big enough fan to buy the remaster of a 25 year old record?

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    In unrelated but similarly irrelevant news, representatives from the estates of various members of The Zombies announce an SACD release of their greatest hits. Bandwidth availabilities were severly impacted after dozens of fans hobbled across the nursing home vestibule to navigate staff computers toward in attempt to relive the flowery days of their halcyon youth. More news after naptime.

    Welcome back GSwishy...hehehe

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