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    CD's Today Mastered LOUD??

    Someone help either validate what I am noticing or dispell my insanity. Is it me...or are the bulk of todays CD's mixed so loud that clipping is happening. Nearly all of the hottest artists I pick up on CD have been mixed so close to the digital limit (0dB) that when a kick drum hits or there are many transients...a small (or large) amount of distortion can be heard on my system. Now...if I play these cd's through a boom box or a "regular" stereo...I do not notice the distortion as much. But when I run them through my car stereo, I can hear it even at the lowest volume possible. Can someone explain what is going on here? I am losing my mind. Why would this distortion not be as evident on all audio equipment???

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    That's pretty much old news, dude. As to why it can't be heard on crap(pier) equipment -- I'm guessing the inherent distortion of the system is masking it.
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