I went into the recording studio with selected musician-friends last Saturday to get the basic tracks down on the hard drive for my latest creation -- yes, it really is about Cat Vomit. This song, to me, sounds like Zappa meets Trapeze.......comedy mixed with the heavy sound of a power trio.

All I can say at this point is that some days you get unexpected surprises in the abilities of the musicians to seize an idea and everyone clicks -- needless to say, we had a remakably creative day and all had a ton of fun. We always make a full day of it.........screwdrivers for brunch, snacks and sandwiches available with plenty of soft drinks and beer.

I now have the material I need to put together a final product within the next couple of weeks..........one or two additional minor tracks, the final mix-down session then the mastering.

I'll keep you posted.