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    Talking Bring it on for The Killers - Hot Fuss

    I mentioned this band a while back after hearing a track on the radio - Somebody Told Me,
    they hail from Las Vegas and I've been keeping tabs on them ever since.

    Well they release their debut album Hot Fuss on June 7th in the UK and 15th in the US and it features the singles Somebody and Mr Brightside. I think they sound pretty good so much so I've just pre-ordered the album which is pretty rare for me I'm usually the last to jump on the bandwagon. Their sound is Stills/Strokes/Interpol meets Cure/Franz Ferdinand/Smiths very upbeat with lots of guitar, very nice, check them out if you get chance.


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    my friend/coworker invited me to go see this band a couple weeks ago just down the street from my place. by "invited" i mean on the guestlist. i didn't end up going because i had other plans and figured this was just another so-so local band that my friend was acquainted with. turns out that now i hear about them being great on a regular basis and they're from vegas. who knew?!

    should have learned my lesson by now - always go to the free shows since they're so close and convenient.


    edit: spelling like it's monday

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