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    Box Sets

    I find most box sets annoying............that is, of modern artists, no box set is ever put together the way you or I would do it...........seems like there is always material added that perhaps should not be included with the other material.........or worse, something obvious is excluded.

    The exceptions, IMO are usually with classical collections done by one symphony for that very purpose. Of that genre, my favorite box set -- and one that I can highly recommend -- is :

    Idel Biret, piano and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, Antoni Wit.

    This set is excellent. It consists of 10CDs...............Biret is amazingly talented.
    Since almost nobody is opposed to beautiful piano music in the background, I have it going on my work computer most of the time..............I like it.
    On NAXOS, I found it at Barnes for $60.

    You can review here :

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    Quote Originally Posted by MasterCylinder
    On NAXOS,
    Naxos has some of the best sounding recordings in the class of Chesky, Mapleshade and a few others. Also known for lower priced catalog.

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