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Thread: Borders sale

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    Borders sale

    Just wanted y'all to know -- Borders is having a Buy-3-Get-4th-Free sale on CD's (learn more here). So, for example, if you have one US$18.99, one US$17.99, two US$16.99, 5 US$15.99, one US$14.99, one US$13.99, and one US$11.99, you'll get one of the US$16.99 for free, one of the US$15.99 for free, and the US$11.99 one free (put them in reverse price order, is the suggestion the clerk gave me). That's pretty good, I think, for some of their deep catalog stuff, which I never see on sale. I think I'll see if I can find that Frameshift and a couple there a CD equivalent to DVD Price Search? I know there's Deep Discount CD, but that's just one store...
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    all month sale

    Yeah I'm on Borders e-mailings and early this month I believe they were running this promo for the month. I agree the catalouge stuff is top list price for the most part so a sale is a sale... The only time I buy from Borders is when I get gift cards from friends so I can spend on the many fill ins to my collection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dusty Chalk
    I think I'll see if I can find that Frameshift and a couple there a CD equivalent to DVD Price Search?
    There's a bunch of them but they all have their own group of stores. I have this one bookmarked but there's a bunch of others that might be better. Also this is a good price comparison aid and they have many discounts listed on the home page. And confession time: I've never bought a CD (or a coffee) at Borders but I have bought magazines there.

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