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Thread: Bluegrass?

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    Can anyone recommend a good Bluegrass collection?

    I'm looking for a good collection (or collections) with a range of samples from different artists, preferably with classic songs. Just something to hear the classics and get my feet wet.

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    Here is a link of the best songs:

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    Good question ForeverAutumn and I realized I have not played any bluegrass records for too long a time. Right now I am listening to Dan Fogelberg's "High Country Snow" which is as far as I know only complete bluegrass recording. I have a recording of Larry McNeely, Geoff Leving and Jack Skinner's "Confederation" on a Sheffield Lad direct to disc recording. Dolly Parton's "The Grass Is Blue" I enjoy but I am a Dolly fan. I am having a bluegrass day.

    I hope you get some good suggestions because I would enjoy a bluegrass collection of different artists. I used to attend bluegrass festivals in the summer and they were always mellow enjoyable events.
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    I personally dig Emmylou's At The Ryman, anything by Rhonda Vincent. Here's a good-looking cheap sampler of classics:

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    Oh, boy, have I got a winner for you! It's a band called Rudrth Blügrass, and they only do Rush covers, and guess what!?! James LaBrie does the vocals and plays Jews harp! Are you wet yet?


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    FA, I can't recommend a multi-artist sampler but if you're at all into bluegrass you ought to own at least one Bill Monroe record. How about this one? It's cheap enough...

    I'd also check out some of the Smithsonian Folkways stuff. It looks like they have a couple of different collections but here's a starter.


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    Something simple and easy to find would be the two CD's that came from "O Brother Where Art Thou" There is the original soundtrack and a companion CD called "Down From the Mountain". I have them both and listen to them at least once a month.
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    The first album...

    ...from "Nickle Creek". Produced by Alison Krauss, this record showcases the award-winning licks of Sara Watkins and Sean Watkins (fiddle and guitar) and one of the best mandolin players alive, Chris Thile. They have been playing and writing together since before they were in their teens. Beautiful harmonizing and monstrous instrumental chops make this a "must-hear" for any bluegrass fan.

    Sorry for sounding like liner notes, but these kids are/were great!
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