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    The Best Band You Never Heard in Your Life

    From the huge tour (huge cost) that began in Europe in 1988 and folded before it got to the United States (hence, the title), this release has some truly magical moments.
    Like all Zappa albums, it has it useless moments too...........but most of this one is totally fact, Disc # 1 is awesome start to finish..................great live recording quality too.
    Beginning with a reggae version of Johnny Cash's RING OF FIRE (wherein a really good impersonation of the Kingfish tells him he needs some Anusol on that ring of fire) and includes some of the Zappa classics from the late 60s through the 80s, as well as covers of Stairway to Heaven and Sunshine of Your Love..............terrific stuff.

    Track list below :

    Disc one
    "Heavy Duty Judy" – 6:04
    "Ring of Fire" (Merle Kilgore, June Carter) – 2:00
    "Cosmik Debris" – 4:32
    "Find Her Finer" – 2:42
    "Who Needs the Peace Corps?" – 2:40
    "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" (George C. Cory, Jr., Douglas Cross) – 0:36
    "Zomby Woof" – 5:41
    "Boléro" (Maurice Ravel) – 5:19
    "Zoot Allures" – 7:07
    "Mr. Green Genes" – 3:40
    "Florentine Pogen" – 7:11
    "Andy" – 5:51
    "Inca Roads" – 8:19
    "Sofa No. 1" – 2:49

    Disc two
    "Purple Haze" (Jimi Hendrix) – 2:27
    "Sunshine of Your Love" (Pete Brown, Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton) – 2:30
    "Let's Move to Cleveland" – 5:51
    "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" (Ernest Ball, George Graff, Chancellor Olcott) – 0:46
    ""Godfather Part II" Theme" (Nino Rota) – 0:30
    "A Few Moments with Brother A. West" (Brother A. West, Zappa) – 4:00
    "The Torture Never Stops, Pt. 1" – 5:19
    "Theme from "Bonanza"" (Ray Evans, Jay Livingston) – 0:28
    "Lonesome Cowboy Burt" (Swaggart version) – 4:54
    "The Torture Never Stops, Pt. 2" – 10:47
    "More Trouble Every Day" (Swaggart version) – 5:28
    "Penguin in Bondage" (Swaggart version) – 5:05
    "The Eric Dolphy Memorial Barbecue" – 9:18
    "Stairway to Heaven" (Jimmy Page, Robert Plant) – 9:19

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    Flat out, the best live Zappa album.

    People always come back at me with "Live In NY", "The Fillmore Album" and "The Helsinki Show" but this one's the best because it's the tightest band by far. That rendition of "Zombie Woof" is played about twice the original speed. Ridiculously fast, yet still swinggin' and digestible.

    The banter and onstage antics and lyric manipulation (Oh Annie, Oh Annie, Oh Ann-u-Sollllll!) are hilarious, and the tracklist covers the entire FZ history, as well as some truly bizarre covers, like the mariachi-metal version of "Sunshine of your Love," as well as some respectfully traditional, covers like "Bolero" that frikkin kills.

    Those other live albums (and some others too) are all great, but "Best Band" is the best one.

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    Very accurate description, Troy.
    Another aspect I really appreciate is FZ's seletion of instrumentation in this live group.........not only the traditional rock instruments, but the horn combination and the percussion utilization (yes, Wackerman kills it but, as you know, I love the mallet keyboards) are really done well............and SOFA never sounded better.

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    I had to lol at this CD in the car this morning, listening to the Kingfish :

    Well it's gettin' near dark

    When dem lights be closin' their tired little eyes

    I'll soon be wit you, my lub

    And give you that potato-headed surprise.

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