• 07-27-2007, 06:56 PM
    Finch Platte
    Aug Paste, Relix and Harp magazines (w/ free CDs)
    If you buy either of the 3 mags mentioned above, included are CDs w/ a sh!tload of music on each. Not much prog, though. :sad: :)

    Relix is geared towards jam bands and some forays into Americana and various other styles. Track listing:

    1) The String Cheese Incident– Restless Wind
    2) Amfibian– See You In Sydney
    3) The Frames– Sad Song
    4) New Monsoon– Greenhouse
    5) Foxy Moon Baby– CIA
    6) Steep Canyon Rangers– Don’t Ease Me In
    7) Bedouin Soundclash– Walls Fall Down
    8) Farm Vegas– Sweet Lies & Alibis
    9) Push– Frozen
    10) King Bee– Juniper Rose
    11) 3– All That Remains
    12) Plushgun– Just Impolite
    13) Dinosaur Jr.– This Is All I Came To Do
    14) Seth Winters– Ella’s Tune


    Paste is everything, usually.


    1) Architecture In Helsinki– Heart It Races
    2) Spoon– The Underdog
    3) John Vanderslice– White Dove
    4) Fionn Regan– Put A Penny In The Slot
    5) Suzanne Vega– Frank & Ava
    6) Xavier Rudd– Better People
    7) Damien Dempsey- Maasai
    8) Sierra Leone’s Refugee Allstars– I’m Not A Fool
    9) Okkervil River– Our Life Is Not A Movie Or Maybe
    10) Floratone– Swamped
    11) John Dee Holman & The Waifs Band– John Henry
    12) Phonograph– Parsons White
    13) Wrinkle Neck Mules– Black Skies For The High & Mighty
    14) Rocky Votolato– Postcard From Kentucky
    15) Kim Richey– Jack & Jill
    16) Mike Farris– Oh Mary Don’t You Weep
    17) Born Again Floozies– 7 Deadly Sinners
    18) Peter Searcy– I Believe
    19) Paul Spencer & The Maxines– No Regrets
    20) Emerson Hart– If You’re Gonna Leave
    21) Renee Stahl– Run


    Harp? God knows what it is. Seems like this month is geared towards the kids :cornut: and is put out by a label. It's hard to read the cover, but it's called We Have Such Talented Friends.

    Info here.


    1) Mobile– Montreal Calling
    2) Everybody Else– Meat Market
    3) Juliette & The Licks– Purgatory Blues
    4) Lovedrug– Pushing The Shine
    5) Chase Pagan– Waltzing In The Sky
    6) The New Frontiers– Mirrors (demo)
    7) Driving East– Come On, Come On
    8) Juliette & The Licks– Sticky Honey
    9) Mobile– See Right Through Me
    10) Everybody Else– In Memoriam
    11) Chase Pagan– Paperboat
    12) Lovedrug– Ghost By Your Side
    13) Driving East– Backseat

    You can get all 3 at Borders, I think there's a couple of issues left. :thumbsup:

    Oh, yeah- the mags are good reading, too. Geez, almost forgot that part. :nonod:

  • 07-29-2007, 04:42 PM
    I buy Paste and Harp at Indigo. Paste does come with a cd but I have never seen one with Harp. Harp is $6.95 CDN while Paste is around $8.50 with cd.

    I agree both are great reading and a wonderful way to get in touch with new music.

    Do you buy No Depression?