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    Arm Of Roger (aka Grandaddy)

    If you don't know about this here's the story. When Grandaddy got signed to V2 to make The Sophtware Slump this is what they submitted to the label in 1999 as a joke. It's basically just them fooling around in their studio with dopier than normal lyrics (The Pussy Song, for example) and quirkier than normal songs. It's meant to be bad and stupid but I find it to be strangely engaging, and even kind of endearing. Apparently V2 felt the same way and released it in 2002 under the name Arm Of Roger.

    You can listen for yourself here if ya want to.
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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    Well hell, if you like that, then you'd prolly LOVE this!


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