I just bought a Rotel RSP 1098 Surround Sound Processor for my HT, and I will be parting with my beloved Lexicon. It's in excellent condition, works perfectly and has the V3 upgrade that makes it similar to the DC 2 with the exception of the DACs. Anyway, before I sell it on e-bay, I thought I would mention it here. I have all the original manuals, packaging, backlit remote and the Zone 2 remote. Check out the info on it below;

Version 3 comes with Dolby Digital, THX, and DTS upgrades for the BEST movie and music experience. FEATURES: · Inputs: Audio 8 stereo (RCA) pairs, Video 5 composite (RCA), 3 S-Video NTSC M, PAL standards, Digital 2 coaxial (RCA), 2 optical (TosLink) S/PDIF; · Outputs: Audio Left, Center, Right, L&R Sides, L&R Rears, Subwoofer (RCA), Video 2 composite (RCA), 3 S-Video, NTSC M, PAL standards · All connectors gold plated ·D/A Conversion: 20-bit Delta Sigma ·HD+Noise: Less than 0.01%@1kHz, maximum output level ·Dynamic Range: 90dB minimum, 22kHz bandwidth, Ref. 1kHz@-60dB below maximum output level ·Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB minimum, 22kHz bandwidth, Ref. 1kHz at maximum output level; ·Physical Specifications: Detachable IEC power cord, Size 17.3" W x 11.5" D x 3.6" H, Weight 10.5 lbs. ·Backlit Remote Control: Hand-held, battery powered infra-red remote control unit, uses 2 AAA batteries. ·Modes/EffectsTHX certified, Panorama, Nightclub, Concert Hall, Church, Cathedral, Mono Logic, Pro Logic, Party, Two Channel, Logic 7, Music Logic, Music Surround, you also get THX Cinema, the last 4 modes with THX post-Dolby THX processing. Complete package includes: · DC-1 Preamp - V3 software supports TXH, Dolby Digital, and DTS - ROM chip upgradeable through Lexicon to support THX EX ·DC-1 Remote ·

If you're interested please respond and I'll give you a price below my expectations/reserve on e-bay.