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    Anyone have any new info on the Glands?

    Yesterday I spun the Glands' self-titled album from 2000, which is so good (despite some mediocre reviews such as the one at I decided to see if there's any plans for a follow up. I found nothing. The most recent news I found was that they played at some rally or benefit last spring/summer. Anyone heard anything about these guys, and in particular whether they plan to drop a new album any time soon?
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    Not much to say but I did want it known that I really like this album too! Not anything new or really that different about the music, but lots of charm. I do remember looking myself last year to see if they were still alive and kicking and couldn't find much, other than they did play a couple shows in the Athens area opening for Yo La Tengo. Don't seem to venture far from home base. They are still listed on the Velocette site but no recent news. I just did a quick check at the Pitchfork news archive and it turns out they just reported last week that the bass player is now with Elf Power.

    As for myself, I've been listening mostly to Peter Gabriel the last couple days. Specifically, number three. And also my favorite. What an album. What a time. From the massive drums that open Intruder through to the closing drum whack that closes Biko, this is a brilliant collection of far reaching music. I just checked at Village Voice to see how it stacked up against other music in 1980 and wasn't too surprised to find it didn't make the top ten in their wide reaching year-end critics poll, but only just missed at number 11. What a year for music with the Clash's London Calling and Springsteen's The River and Talking Heads' Remain In Light and Pretenders and Gang of Four and on and on. Wow! David Bowie with one of his best albums, Scary Monsters, barely cracked the top 20 and X didn't even make the top 15 with Los Angeles. And there's the Feelies at number 17 with Crazy Rhythms. The Broken Social Scene album I picked as my favorite of last year probably isn't as good as any of those, or some of the many others that didn't even make the VV top 20 that year like Joy Division's Closer or the Beat's I Just Can't Stop It. There aren't many old guys into new music as much as I am, but a list like that makes me feel kind of like an old curmudgeon, longing for the good old days

    I stopped by the local indie hangout called Stinkweeds yesterday, since I was down that way, even though I wasn't gonna buy anything, and they had the new Califone LP up on the wall, and I took it down and handled it for a bit, and thought about breaking my resolution not to buy any new music, and put it back. They didn't have the CD, just the vinyl. Just a single LP, but looked nice in the big format. And under $10. Very tempting
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    Funnily enough I just listened to it the other day too

    I can't see why it didn't do more at the time it's got everything - it rocks, it's soothing it's quirky and it's so well produced.

    Thanks for putting me onto them I think I first heard them on a 'song of the day' comp which Davey Intruder put together and Stone nominated the track. I would urge anybody who has not heard them to seek them out. Just another good reason why sharing music actually benefits the music industry - not that they can see it.

    I've looked around but not heard of anything by them recently, they really are just too good to fall away.


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