I haven't watched an awards show in years but for some reason I watched the Grammys this year. I have to say I enjoyed the majority of it. I thought the Lopez and Anthony duet was great. Marc Anthony has an incredible voice. I also was shocked to see Melissa Ethridge in all her baldness. I have several of her albums and thought she done good covering Janis Joplin. It's only fitting since that's who everyone compared her to when she finally broke. I also enjoyed the number with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Betts, Bishop and the country stars. Although it was chopped up to save time I was just glad to see them all out there. I saw Dickie Betts open for Marshall Tucker some years ago and this man can play a guitar. There were also some cool artists who received Lifetime Achievement Awards. Of course, there were those moments when you say, "how could that happen?" I just remind myself I live in my own little piece of the world and maybe the star made a larger splash in someone else's pond.