I've had this CD, Unweaving The Rainbow, in the player for about three weeks so far, it it's not coming out. Yeah, it features James Labrie from Dream Theater on vocals, but the songs have interesting melodies, and keep him out of the operetta space (as opposed to space operetta).

This is a thoroughly modern prog CD that fits in nice with bands like Ayreon, Gordian Knot, Rama, Dream Theater, etc. Much more on the edgy side than The Flower Kings. I think Rush fans would really go for this album.

The song lyrics are based on the writings of evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. Lots of great shreading guitars, good solid drumming, shifting musical themes, time signatures, and sonic dynamics. Even if you don't like LaBrie, I would advise that you give this a try. Probably the best thing that he's done vocally in ages - maybe ever.