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    Anybody around for a Tuesday thread?

    Well, I may as well start this. Looks like most folks are skipping the board for a bit, but oh well. Been spending a lot of time in the car lately, so my listening has been mostly all on CD. Here are some of the highlights…

    New 2003 comps from Mike and Mason
    Excellent tunes, each with a couple things I’ll be seeking out.

    Tosca: Suzuki in Dub
    Just heard this for the first time recently. Very nice remixes from an already fine album. Nice downtempo electronica.

    A couple unusual comps: Arabian Travels II & Astor Piazzolla Remixed
    Both electronic compilations. Both also probably sounded better in the listening booth than they will long term, but will get some play for me nonetheless. The Arabian Travels is just like you would think, mostly mellow electronics mixed with traditional Arabic rhythms. Sometimes, it gets a bit too background music like for me, but there are at least a couple names I’ll try to seek out other things from here. The Astor Piazolla remixed updates Tango music from Piazolla, featuring acts like Koop and other modern artists, similar to some of Gotan Project’s stuff.

    Jet: Get Born
    Yeah, I’ve heard how derivative they’re supposed to be and all that. Who cares? This disc rocks. File with Kings of Leon. If you’re a fan of one, you’ll probably like the other.

    Los Straightjackets: Supersonic Guitars in 3-D
    Fun instrumental surf styled music from those crazy guys in the Mexican wrestling masks. Bonus is that it comes with a 3-D cover and inner pictures, with the glasses included. Fun stuff here.

    OutKast – Speakexboxxx/Love Below
    This one is still getting a lot of play from me. If you are even mildly interested in hip-hop, get it.

    Oscar Peterson: Night Train
    Excellent piano based jazz. This is a real melodic one, sometimes verging on a little boogie. Could help turn some people onto jazz that are turned off by the more frantic stuff.

    Smiths: Louder than Bombs
    Great compilation from a great band.

    Also listened to some Mum and Sigur Ros, watching the snow fall. Played some other Smiths stuff and even a bit of Morrissey, as well as the Cure. Went old school with Grandmaster Flash and Run DMC. Also went all punk rock to wake myself up at around midnight after 8 hours on the road with a bunch of punk like Big Boys, Dicks, and a compilation I got around.

    Got home and went at the turntable with some Erykah Badu and some other R&B to mellow out, old stuff like Marvin Gaye and that.

    Listening to other 2003 stuff now too. I should have time to finish my year-end comp up real soon. I’ll post a track list once I do.

    OK…what about the rest of you?

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    NOPE, not even mildly interested in Hi Hop. BUT, the surf guitars group in masks sounds freekin great.

    My listens,

    British Sea Power, Decline of said Seapower. Hmmm, lotsa good reviews here will keep it in my playerer till I make a definitive like/dislike decision. Definitely different.

    Some old Tom Verlaine LP thats kickin

    Yech's Winter Sampler II, my P.O.S. OEM car player doesn't like it, I do

    Master Daveys end of yr comp. We both like it

    Bowie's Reality, only 1 listen, no opining yet

    Dave Brubeck Quartet's Time Out, so classic it'll never get old

    Donovan, Storyteller, a Steve Hoffman SACD, well recorded, BUT, Catch the Wind totally acoustic and very Dylanesque, and no Season Of The Witch. Two horrible errors/omissions. rest is very good tho

    Hendrix, Axis

    Hendrix, Band Of Gypsys

    Daniel Lanois, Shine, one part Robbie Robertson, two parts later Nick Lowe, mix with GREAT production values, stir gently, and savor this sucker.

    thats about it, tons more to listen to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nobody
    Well, I may as well start this. Looks like most folks are skipping the board for a bit, but oh well. Been spending a lot of time in the car lately, so my listening has been mostly all on CD. Here are some of the highlights…


    . OK…what about the rest of you?
    I did a bunch of listening on Saturday, and have forgotten most of it, probably- J. Armatrading- Shouting Stage, Pearls- Use of Ashes and Beautiful Lies, P. Gabriel- So, Lucinda- World Without Tears and Essence, Songs:Ohia- Bonus disk from Magnolia Electric Co vinyl edition, Band of Blacky Ranchette, Calexico- Feast of Wire (this ones finally growing on me), the latest Tindersticks, Ugly Casanova, Neutral Milk Hotel, Decemberists- Her Majesty, and a bunch more.

    Courtesy of the other twin arriving for a visit, heard a couple of Cursive things (not my favorite), one of P. J. Harvey's but not sure which one, Mars Volta, some cuts from a 3-cd collection of the history of electronic music, and some other stuff that eludes me.

    Yesterday, picked up Twilight Singers, Blackberry Belle- only one spin, but was very favorably impressed. Also Okkervil River, Down The River.... and Lyle Lovett's latest, neither of which I've had time to spin yet.
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    Talking I'm off all week, so I have time to reply.

    Super Furry Animals - Phantom Power - very nice so far, although I don't hold it in the same high regard as Rings Around the World, it is gaining momentum with each listen.

    Death Cab for Cutie - Transatlanticism - I guess this is "too new to rate", but I like it just fine so far. I need more time with it I suppose.

    Television - Television - I had to pull this one out after a recent comment from dld, and it was worth it.

    Wheat - too much time Nice EP that I got from Davey. I really like this band after buying Hope and Adams, and this EP is pretty nice too.

    World Party - Goodbye Jumbo This is an all time classic in my opinion, and an essential for any true rock/pop fan.

    There are several others, but I don't feel like typing any more, so there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swish
    World Party - Goodbye Jumbo This is an all time classic in my opinion, and an essential for any true rock/pop fan.

    I love that album! One of my faves. Unfortunately i lost my copy about 3 years ago when we made the move to Denver from VA. Lost several albums. Bummer.

    Most of my listening the past week was during airport travels. Listened to:
    Robert Randolph - Unclassified
    Acoustic Junction - Strange Days
    Derek Trucks - Joyful Noise
    emmet swimming - 50 cent earplugs
    O Christmas Tree - bluegrass christmas compilation from Rounder records
    Robert Randolph - Live at the Wetlands
    Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - a live bonus CD that came with Dave's awful solo album
    Allison Krauss and Union Station - Live

    That's about all i can remember....


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    I've been listening to my Christmas haul and liking it much. Also put a few sundry things in the CD player thingee and hit 'shuffle'.

    Cee Dees

    White African - Otis Taylor. Powerful, mostly acoustic Blues with a serious message. Taylor is an exceptional talent.

    Just Won't Burn - Susan Tedeschi. IMO, the best of her three albums. Monster talent with an incredible voice; she absolutely torches Junior Wells' 'Little by Little'.

    This Side - Nickel Creek. First heard this band on Tug's outstanding 'newgrass' comps and liked 'em immediately. I still can't quite believe that kids as young as these actually wrote and performed the music--amazing. I like it better with each listen.

    A Piece of Your Soul - Storyville. I really like the soulful Blues-Rock these guys play. Malford Milligan is an exceptional vocalist that injects tremendous energy and passion into the songs, especially 'Bitter Rain' and 'What Passes for Love'.

    Indigenous - Indigenous. Probably the most disappointing CD I've bought this year. After it appeared the band was exploring new territory in 'Circle', this represents a major step backward. Nearly all the tunes suffer from an excrutiating sameness and the recording quality is absolutely horrible: over-bright to the point of distortion. Mato's vocal phrasing never varies either...he sings every song in exactly the same way.

    Triple Trouble - Tommy Castro, Jimmy Hall, and Lloyd Jones. I've been a Jimmy Hall fan since his days fronting Wet Willie and I've also liked most of the stuff I've heard Tommy Castro do, so I figured this would strike a chord. Overall, it has some nice moments, but rarely catches fire. At times, the energy seems forced, as if these guys were thrown into a studio together and told to make it work or else. The musicianship is decent, though hardly extraordinary and the vocals are a mixed bag, with Castro clearly the best of the three. The album is a mix of Blues and R&B rave-ups that either rock or leave me flat. The Blues tend to work the best.

    Keep on Running - Robben Ford. I love Ford's fluid guitar style. The notes flow so effortlessly that his solos are often utterly mesmerizing, so I always look forward to his new efforts. I've only listened to the first five or six tunes and first impressions, though obviously incomplete, are very favorable. He's as nimble fingered as ever and his vocals seem to be improving as well.

    Tanglewood Tree - Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer. I posted about the title cut a while back and mentioned the tune to my wife as well. Being the perceptive and intelligent woman that she is, she had it wrapped and under the tree Christmas day. I'm happy to report that the CD is outstanding and I've been enjoying it for several days now. The relationship between folk and country has never been more apparent than they are here. The story-songs are often compelling ('Cat-Eye Willie Claims His Lover') and occasionally quite poignant ('Walkin' Away From Caroline').

    Romp - Chris Duarte Group. A quantum leap better than 'Love is Greater Than Me', so it's nice to see Duarte is still capable of recording solid tunes. He overindulges in his soloing at times, but overall, this is an excellent album. Best cuts include the bare bones 'Do the Romp', 'B(flat) Blues' and the Eric Johnson tribute 'Like Eric'.

    Baroque at Christmas - Scarlet Rivera & Tommy Eyre w/the Newport Chamber Orchestra//Christmas in Aspen - The Westwind Players//Peace on Earth - (no artists listed). Something to have in the player on Christmas day. Can't even remember whether I liked any of it.


    Holiday Sampler 2K3 (JDaniel). The very first music I played on Christmas day. While not everything floated my boat, several tunes hit the right holiday notes. I especially like the Vince Guaraldi stuff--his music always added whimsy to the Charlie Brown specials.

    The Alligator Records Christmas Collection (JDaniel). Needless to say, I dug this much--solid throughout. Thanks for both comps, Jeff!

    On deck: Swish's 'Super Furry Animals' comps ('preciate it, Paul...still owe ya)

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    Hey! Over here!
    been listening to some new purchases....

    Fleetwood Mac-Bare Trees

    Peter Gabriel--two disc 'best of'


    the Darkness--Permission to Land

    Firefall--'best of'

    Stone Temple Pilots--Thanks


    Lindsey Buckingham--comp

    King Crimson--Thrak

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    A pretty good musical week over here this week, listening to these great cd’s:

    PROTO-KAW - Early Recordings from Kansas: 1971-1973 - A must for any Kansas fan (DaveG, you have to check this out). Far more progressive/experimental than any other Kansas album IMO.

    PORCUPINE TREE - Live At Nearfest 2001 - A double live set that really impressed me, almost as good as the brilliant Coma Divine.

    ISILDURS BANE - Mind Vol. 4: Pass - Simply one of the best prog releases of 2003, just brilliant.

    AFTER CRYING - Show - Another one that is also included in my list of the best of 2003.

    MOSTLY AUTUMN - Passengers (2-cd Limited Edition) A good set, no question, but I still need some more listens to say if it’s as good as the previous Mostly Autumn releases.

    SHAKARY - Alya - An Italian project featuring the vocalist of Clepsydra. Even though it sounds a lot like Clepsydra, it’s far better than any Clepsydra release IMO. More info at this link:

    US - A Sorrow in Our Hearts - One of the most wonderful Genesis-inspired albums I have heard in my life, just brilliant. More info at this link:

    I also ordered, this week, the new 2-cd editions of Porcupine Tree’s The Sky Moves Sideways and Signify, can hardly wait to receive them (maybe still sometime by the end of this week).


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    I've been out west in Los Angeles for the past couple of weeks, so there's not much to report music wise. Here's what's in my player for today's listening pleasure:

    Eleventh Dream Day - Stalled Parade
    PJ Harvey - Stories of the...
    Kev Russell - Buttermilk and Rifles
    Belly - King
    Scott Miller - Upside Downside


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    Happy festive season folks. It's 6pm New Years Eve here and I'm already two glasses of champagne down so this will be brief (make that tree).

    Mostly I've been listening to stuff that arrived from you guys. Comps from Mike and Dave that I'm still exploring but as usual nothing less than the best. Pretty much all my favourites represented, what would I do without you :-)

    Grandaddy - Sumday. This arrived out of the blue from persons who should probably remain anonymous other than to say "think fanboy CA SF"(next time I send you something I'll make sure it actually plays ;-)). And it's great isn't it? I love it so much that I've bought my own copy and passed the dupe on to some poor schmuck who really could do with a little sunshine.

    One of the great pleasures for me this year has been these little Indie Pop treasures like Sumday, Phantom Power and The Meadowlands that have arrived with very few expectations on my part and yet have really charmed me.

    Couple of possibles that I haven't heard but would like to :-

    I read a Top Ten that included this and the reviewer felt that it eclipsed Manitoba and Four Tet!?$$! Anybody or nobody heard this?

    I really like this guy so I'll probably pick this up regardless but on the offchance that nobody's heard this...?

    Regards, Chris.

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    Damn. Now, you got me adding to my list of things to look out for, as always. I haven't heard either of those, but have heard nothing but good things about the Prefuse 73 disc. The first one you mention sounds like something I may have to seek out. If I get a hold of it, I'll let you know how it sounds. You're probably recovering now. Hope your celebration went well.

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