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    Any good Prog "Web Radio" stations?

    Usually I just launch a comp or something in my computer, shut my office door and go, but once in awhile I'll use the radio tuner on Media Player or whatever to tune into something different.
    Any suggestions for decent stations that'll play some prog? Sick of all the top 40's/alt rock stuff, and Scandinavian death metal is just a bit much for listening to at the work place...

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    I've used Deilicious Agony and this one:

    These guys have even played some of my stuff.

    Generally, I don't like internet radio very much. Zero fidelity (so important in prog) and they tend to be too willfully obscure in their song selection (again, they even played some of my stuff!).

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    I've listened to this just a bit and enjoyed it. My old computer couldn't handle the strain of internet radio. I haven't tried it on the new baby yet.

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