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    Any early reports on the new My Morning Jacket?

    Seems to be the highest rated record of the year right now at, which doesn't always mean much for us music lovers, but the telling thing is that there aren't any bad reviews, and also the large number of user reviews and the quality of that feedback is pretty high. I've always liked these guys from the first time I heard that reverb-drenched At Dawn, but I'm not sure I liked the last one (after moving to Dave Matthews label) quite as much as that earlier sound, even though it had some really nice music. Seems like they started moving away from Neil Young and into Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers, though I do like a lot of what those bands did too. Don't think any Skynyrd has been in rotation in my house recently, but don't mind at all an occasional spin of Eat A Peach

    Hard to not be curious when something gets this much good press. Well known John Leckie (everything from early Be Bop Deluxe to Radiohead and The Verve) on board for production too. Anyone?

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    Haven't heard it, but on the Velvet Rope I saw raves that talked about how the production was different, particularly on the vocals. Looking forward to hearing it.

    I don't like others.

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    I'm a big fan of the band's latest....ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. The first two tracks are my favourite, for the time being. A very funky album cover, to boot. Can't go wrong with this one.

    Going to see them for the first time, live, in a couple of weeks.



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    I stayed away from the last one for a long time, don't know why maybe it was all that reverb on the vocals but I eventually gave in a few weeks ago and I quite like it. I particularly like the way they draw a song out.

    A friend has the latest on order so I expect I'll 'acquire' a copy soon but from samples I've heard it's a big departure from the last one. Gotta agree with Davey though Leckie usually does a decent job on the production side so something to look forward to.


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    I'm with audiobill - I think it's great. It takes all that I enjoyed on "It Still Moves" and hones it with better songwriting and interesting production. Can't stop listening to it.

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