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    Another great show by Porky Tree

    Saw these guys again Monday night and they rocked the House of Blues in San Diego! I think I even made a couple of converts by dragging them to the show. The band showed up about a half hour late, but they made up for it at the back end and put in a good solid 2 hour show. The crowd was a little too laid back for the first half of the show and attendance was a fraction of the performance I saw up in Anaheim on a Saturday night a few months ago. The crowd also seemed older on average than the Anaheim show, which was pretty diverse. Must be something in the water down here that scares the kids away from prog (even heavy prog which PT has become.) Not surprising since most of the major home-grown music in SD is pretty juvenile skater/rock/rap/punk/pop hodge podge music like Blink 182, POD, etc..

    On the upside, since there is no assigned seating, you can get up close and personal with the band pretty easily at the HOB and the bar is only about 20 steps/stumbles behind the stage! Woo hoo! Also, unlike Anaheim, there was no Robert Fripp kill-joy opening act to suffer through,

    Best $20 I have spent in a long time!

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