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    Animusic 1 & 2 are both amazing

    I'm so glad my wife saw a clip of this DVD on PBS one night. She kept calling for me to come see it but I was busy with a computer. She raved about it and thats when I posted earlier.

    Well one of her presents was both DVDs. This is some incredible animation to say the least. Instruments that play themselves. Having an engineering and design backround, I was most fascinated by the way the mechanical side of the animation is quite true to life.

    You can watch a different part each time you view it and see something you missed. The Special Bonus material is good also. One disk has different camera solo shots and set buildup animation. The other has both wide and regular settings and more.

    I highly recomend these to anyone who likes music and animation. These would have been good during blotter days for sure!

    Troy, whats your take. After seeing all of this I thought it is right up your alley. Now you can do your Garage Band and animation.

    Mr & Mrs Hyfi

    Happy Holidays All

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    Didn't know that 2 was out yet - I check evey few months or so. I have had a lot of fun with 1, for both adults and kids. Glad it is in 16:9, and surround sound (my copy of 1 is only 2.0). How would you rate 2 vs 1? the most popular track when I demo 1 is definitely "Pipe Dream", and I notice there is "Pipe Dream 2".

    Thanks for the info - think I'll order the second one. Probably not worth ordering a newer "1" to get 5.1 and one track of 16:9.


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