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    All the spinning in my head, all the spinning in my mind.

    I thought that today I would spin some stuff that I haven't listened to in a while. One of those disks is Jim Bryson's excellent 2007 release, Where the Bungalows Roam.

    Fans of Ryan Adams would really love this disk. This is some fine Alt. Country. Great song writing and production.

    If you've never heard of Jim Bryson, you're not alone. He hails from Ottawa, Canada and I doubt that this album sold more than a few thousand copies. But it is soooooo worth hearing.

    Any local artists in your parts not getting the love that they deserve, that you want to share here?

    Spread the love...

    Edit: I just realized that you can stream the full CD on Jim's web site.

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    Okay. Now I'm listening to Mark Knopfler's Sailing to Philadelphia. Just an outstanding disk from start to finish. I haven't really liked anything he's released since this. But man this one is sweet.

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    Kim Massey is a local gal who sings mostly Blues or R&B. I'm not sure how well known she is outside this area but she has a talented and powerful voice.

    I thhink Erin Bode is pretty well known in other parts. I didn't warm up to her newest album but I do like an older album, Over And Over.

    I saw tonight Nelly will be the first Rap artist to perform a concert in Branson. I'm not quite sure the folks there know yet what they did

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