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    For all Nickelback fans!

    Find a new band to follow. This is just incredible. Who knew Nickelback was THIS bad?

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    Quote Originally Posted by N. Abstentia
    Find a new band to follow. This is just incredible. Who knew Nickelback was THIS bad?
    Very interesting, indeed. But I would have to disagree that the songs "are almost exactly the same". In fact, the lyrics come out of the speakers almost alternating. While the songs certainly share a certain flow, I would consider that to be Nickelback's style. Most bands have songs with a similar sound. How often, when hearing a song for the first time, are you able to name the band just because of the style of the song?

    I'm not defending Nickelback. I like some of their songs, but would agree that they can get tiresome after a while. But these two songs being "almost EXACTLY THE SAME"? I think that's pushing it.

    Hmmmm. I think I'll throw Silver Side Up in the player. Suddenly, I have a hankering for some Nickelback.

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    Funny, but I'm with Forever Autumn, the same tempo and time doesn't quite = "sound exactly the same".

    I could just as likely through a Bush tune on there....

    BTW, whatever happened to pretty Gavin and Bush? Funny that Nickelback is doing so well, they sound an aweful lot like Bush.

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