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Thread: $)(*% Tracker

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    $)(*% Tracker

    so a year or so ago, maybe more, listening to someone's comp.. song comes on, it's great, I don't have the track list with me.. I'm thinking.. dammit what the hell Death Cab for Cutie song is this... turns out, it's Tracker. has the drummer from DCFC but not the singer. weird though how much he sounds like the DCFC guy.

    Today, I'm listenin to NAKED IF I WANT TO and again, don't have the tracklist, I'm like.. what the hell Sparklehorse songs are these? doing lyrics searches coming up with nothing. Dang.. weird.. finally find Davey's home page and .. again.. Tracker.

    I have to remember this Tracker band, I really like that guy's stuff. Yes, they/he does sound like a mash up of Sparklecab for Cutie, but it's good stuff.

    thank you have and have a pleasant day.

    and.. I care.

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    Sparkle Cab for Mercury Califone pretty much covers it, I guess. Like a mix of Neil Young and Eno and Waits and Floyd. Cool vision. Chris Funk, the guitarist from the Decemberists is in there too. One of the records I mentioned to Jonas Cole from Wayne Robbins & the Hellsayers when he wandered in a couple years ago, cause I think they share some of that same slightly skewed musical vision, albeit without some of the electronic texture, and heavier on the Dylan and Young influence. That still incredible And The Surrounding Mountains by the Radar Bros is still a big favorite from that same tide pool. I think I recall our old buddy newtrix, back in his RPM daze, not being too enthralled with the Tracker Polk record from that Naked mix. Said it makes him feel like a somber reptile. Not sure what's wrong with that? I guess that sometimes you need to grow old before you can be young again. Wish I knew more records like this when I was.

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    Here ya go, Jar. [Code][/Code]

    66MB. 245 kb/s VBR mp3 (Lame 3.97) Good sound quality
    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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