With the increased popularity of the portable market, could we add an earphone category? In addition I would like to post a review that I have included here for the following product.

Utlimate Ears
Super.fi 3 Studio

Super.fi 3 Studio Review

So your tired of your dime size i-Pod earphones falling out of your ears, or the pain caused by trying to get them into the ‘just right’ listening position. Besides, ever since you cranked that rockin version of your favorite tune, the left one just doesn’t sound right anymore. So you venture out into the mind numbing world of headphones and earphones, noise canceling, ear buds, in the ear, over the ear, over the head, behind the neck, and that’s not even all of it. Well, hopefully my words here can help you in your journey to better listening and comfort. I, not wanting the big, ‘hey check me out’ headphone look, decided to foray into the world of ‘in the ear’ design. I know some of you may be saying right now, ‘I don’t know about putting something in my ear’ well I to had some opportunity in shaking my childhood pediatricians waning of “never put anything in you ear except your elbow”. So with that being said, after all my research I decided to look hard at and eventually purchase a pair from Ultimate Ears Super.fi line (ultimateears.com). As makers of custom molded earpieces for the likes of U2, Madonna, and an absolute plethora of others I figured they must know what they’re doing.
I decided to purchase the entry level product in their Super.fi line. The Super.fi 3 Studio can be found for between 70-80 dollars online. The colors available are white, black, and clear (available exclusively at Guitar Center). The packaging was fine, a bear to rip into. The look is attractive when compared to other options in this arena. The Universal Fit Kit with small, medium, and large single flange, one pair dual flange silicone ear pieces and one pair of foam ear pieces provides the opportunity to fit all ear types. Once you find the best fit for your ear type your ready to fire up your player of choice. Point of reference here, in case you chose not to read the directions, you will want to start at a low volume as the Super.fi’s in the ear design will greatly increase, not only the quality but also the quantity of the music you will hear.
On to the sound, oh the sound. So the first thing that you may notice is that you cannot hear the two ladies sitting near you on your mass transit ride into the city chatting about their grandchildren’s latest accomplishments. But what was that sound? Well it honestly may have been a guitar pick hitting the floor of the studio where the album you are listening to was recorded. Yes, it’s true you will now hear all the nuances of your music. You may notice that the music is bit bright at first, but resist a hasty snap to judgment on this point, and give them about a week. The sound will soften and the bass will settle in nicely.
One of my favorite features of the Super.fi line is the cords. At 46” they are plenty long; there is also a nice slide to tuck up under your chin or behind your head to take the weight off of the earpieces themselves. Also, and hold on to your hats, the cords are replaceable. Thanks to a thoughtful design by UE, the cords plug into the earpieces via a 2 pin connection. So rest easy as the most common failure point in any ear phone is the cord, and thanks to UE’s experience and forethought, if you do need to replace your cord you can purchase replacements for 20 dollars instead of trashing the whole set. Thanks for the ingenuity UE!
In conclusion, if you are in the market for a new, improved listening experience for your player, and want to come in slow as opposed to spending the hundreds of dollars that can easily be spent here. The UE Super.fi 3 Studio is an excellent choice. Superb sound over your stock earphones, tons of experience behind the product, and a price that will not make you hands tremble. Keep an eye out for my review of the ‘Dual Driver’ UE Super.fi 5 Pro’s the other end of the Super.fi line, and something that you may want to consider once your appetite grows for the high quality listening experience.