My name is ILIIA CHTEREV. I would like to present my concept for a speaker with magnetically levitated diaphragm; i.e. the diaphragm is fixed and gliding in the mid air. The same is for the next part of the system; levitated and gliding in the mid air electromagnetic linear damper. The only remaining mechanical connection is the powering cables.

It is my strong believe that avoiding all mechanical attachments will bring an unprecedented, incredibly quick and distortion free response.

I have put more explanations and a schematic on a web site www.acousticsunbound.com .

I have already made an Invention Disclosure before USPTO. Soon I will apply for a patent. I am looking to either attract finances to develop it further or to directly sell it.

I hope you will find this material interesting. To my advantage is release any or all parts of it free for publication/s. So they are free.

Any feedback is highly appreciated.

Thank you. Sincerely, ILIIA CHTEREV