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    Add Sapphire Audio


    Saphire Audio
    One Broadway, Suite 600
    Cambridge, MA 02142

    Products to add:

    ST1: Sapphire Tower 1 MKII Speaker
    ST3: Sapphire Tower 3 MKII Speaker

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    Sapphire Audio ST3

    I recently purchased a pair of sapphire st3 towers. They are the best tower speakers below $3500.00 price range. They sounded much clearer and better than the Monitor audio S8 towers. They are designed very similar to RBH 1044-SE with an additional pair of woofers and they sound better than the RBH ones too.

    I feel their design is a combinations of Infinity Intermezzo's & Cambridge Newton 1000s. Their lower range ST2 and ST1 towers are not as good as the ST3. Spend more money and get the ST3s. They are not very easy to get. Seems you have to place the order in a Tweeter or Electronics expo store. They dont seem to be available online.

    A great pair towers ......

    Check them out at ....

    Sure you will treasure them ..... I am very happy with my upgrade from Monitor Audio towers ....

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