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    YDS10 Dock for Yamaha problem

    I just added a Yamaha YDS10 Ipod dock to my Yamaha HTR5060 Reciever and I have a 30 GB Ipod video

    this Docking station is supposed to allow me to control the Ipod using the recievers remote when attached and see the menues pictures and videos on the TV

    I get sound and the reciever indicates that the Ipod is docked but I cant controll it with the remote nor do I get the OSD menues for the Ipod. just a blank screen. the manuals for the dock and the reciever are useless each one says to refer to the other for more info.

    any idea what I am doing wrong?

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    hmm, wierd problem, maybe you want to contact Yamaha about this, cause its hard to pinpoint the problem without actually seeing it.
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    I had a similar problem connecting my ipod to my system. But I found a solution recently, it was in a great tech support site for consumer electronics. I am sure you will find some solutions there as well.

    Good luck


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