• 12-12-2006, 02:56 PM
    (Some of this is from another thread on the same topic)

    I coudn't decide on what to get and from all the posts it seemed like the in-ear phones lacked a little bass, even when inserted / fitted properly. So I bought two units: the Etymotic ER-6i and the Shure E3Gs, which are both supposed to have a little more bass than their "i" & "c" counterparts. This is something that was a common complaint with the iPod earbuds apparently, so these are called the iPod / gamer versions. I don't have a PSP, but that may be my next purchase...

    So I've been running these through their paces before taking off on a long trip and I must say that they are very similar, sound-wise, with the edge going to the Etymotics, I think. They sound crisper and just a tad clearer with vocals. Regarding the bass, it's not going to be anything like a full-size can, and I wasn't expecting that. As a matter of fact I would call it mid-bass rather than actual bass and it seems to flutter off pretty quickly when listening to Massive Attack or Bach's Toccata. That said, it's still quite good. I haven't heard the non-bass versions, so I can't compare, but the bass on these two models is pretty similar, with the Etymotic having a little more clarity there as well. But they defer more in the mids and highs.

    One minor gripe I have with both is that they don't have in-line volume controls - I know it's petty, but I doubt it would have added much to the price. Yes, I could buy one at Radio Shack, but that would add more complexity to the path, not to mention more junk I have to carry around.

    By the way, the best price that I found online for these was at NewEgg. There were a few lower prices from some never-heard-of-'em sites, but I thought I would play it somewhat safe and buy from an authorized reseller. Shipping was super-fast: 2 days for just $6, probably from a local distribution center.
  • 11-20-2009, 06:11 PM
    noise cancellation
    If you are looking for quality earbuds with great noise cancellation, I recommend the JLab earbuds. They just came out with the J3, which would be perfect for that. They're actually getting ready to do $500 daily giveaways as well as a ton of other free stuff so i would take advantage!
  • 11-20-2009, 07:25 PM
    audio amateur
    My senn CX-300s cut out outside noise very well. I love them, and only paid about 25 bucks.
  • 11-24-2009, 10:07 PM
    Etymotic Research ER4S. If you think the ER6 sounds better than the Shures, then the 4S will blow them away. The HF5 is just an unmatched pair of ER4P. The ER6 is a lower-end product than even the ER4P & HF5. The ER4S is true reference gear.

    Considering many portables can't run low impedence phones flat anyway...

    ER4S > ER4P > HF5 > ER6
  • 11-25-2009, 01:25 PM
    Well my ER6is are OK for now. There is still a lot of ambient noise when I travel, so I'm not expecting ultra hi fidelity. If they break, I'll consider the next level up.
  • 03-03-2010, 11:18 AM
    IEM's or In-ear's block out more noise than any other type of headphone, however its weakness is blocking out the frequencies that you would be exsposed to on an airplane. Active noise cancelling headphones are your best bet for air travel and the only use I'd really reccomend them for. IEM's traditionally sound better and actually block out more noise for most scenarios.