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    Portable stereo with the ability to play mp3

    Hi. I hope everyone has some nice tunes playing in their ears as they read this!

    I'm looking for a portable stereo with the ability to play mp3 files from a harddrive (internal or external). From what I've seen there are some decent stereos such as JVC's Boomblaster RV-NB50, but from what I can tell they need an Ipod for the mp3 playback. I would like to avoid having to buy an ipod, but if need be I can accept having to use some other mp3 player for similar purpose.

    So, if anyone has suggestions for a portable stereo with the ability to play mp3 (preferably from an internal harddrive of some sort), I would very much appreciate it.

    Keep rocking!

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    When you say portable stereo, what specifically do you mean? Please post a pic or link for an example, then I can work with you. I want to know EXACTLY what you hope to get.

    A good mate of mine recently set up a small system in his bathroom for his wife. He put the components in a linen closet next to the room, and wired the speakers from there. He used a vintage Pioneer amp with some DIY bookshelf type speakers. He simply inputs the Ipod into a headphone amp to strengthen the signal, and then into an adaptor for the amp.

    He gave me a demo and it sounds great!! However, it's portability is subjective. This is why I would like an example of what you hope to end up with.

    Obviously, you woudln't need to have an Ipod, any portable player would do. I can't help you with a rec for a system with a flash drive. I'M SURE THERE ARE SOME HERE WHO CAN. Woops, caps...sorry.

    BTW, welcome to Audio Review!!!

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    Here is a picture and some spec for the kind of product I'm looking for :

    I can't seem to find any information in english for this particular item, it seems like the line is only offered in Europe.

    Here is also the user's manual, this time in English for convenience

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