• 11-28-2007, 07:41 AM
    Need mid (to low?) end in-ear buds.
    I've had 3 pairs of in-ear buds. I've gone through Sony e71's, Sony e51's, and some Colby TrueBass or whatever $5 buds (fillers after my sony's crapped out). The Sony buds were like $50 a pop. They sounded good for me, but they kinda fell apart. the wire quality was terrible. It was like a cheap really maleable (kinda like it lost it's strength from being partially melted almost. I dunno, difficult to explain unless you've seen em). Regardless, Im done with Sony. Each buds' wires decayed/wore out and actually EXPOSED the wiring, haha. None lasted over a year.

    I need earbuds that are less than $70. I need in-ear buds because normal buds fall out of my ears too much and I like to run.

    I have a nano and I wrap my earbuds around my nano and throw em in my pocket. If they have a decent case (the Sony's just had some protective plastic "pill" shaped case that covered the ends of the buds) that can contain the wire as well, I'd use that.

    So I want build quality first, and I want a decent sound for the money. I'm no audiophile, but I appreciate the sound quality in-ear buds can give me.

    I've jumped from shure e2c to Ultimare Ears fi.3 (but I hear they are upside down? I dunno, seems too clunky for every day use). Can't really decide which I want, but Im of course open to other suggestions.

    Also, I dont NEED the buds to cancel all sounds. In fact, I'd kinda prefer that I could hear SOME outside noise just so Im not blowing past people if they are really trying to get my attention. But again, I don't mind at all if I'm in my own musical world, haha.

    Any advice guys? I mean, I can read amazon reviews all day, but none really mention build quality at all or actually COMPARE buds. The <$70 is pretty firm. Maybe $75.

    Thanks so much. I really appreciate the input.
  • 11-28-2007, 08:00 PM
    get the e2c's

    I've had 'em for more than 2 years now. Amazing purchase. And, even if they ever do break (they probably will over their lifetime) shure has the best warranty in the biz. I sent mine in without a receipt and only my word. I got a complete new package (like, the box you'd buy from the store) back in the mail in a week. Free, no questions asked. These guys really know how to treat a customer.
  • 01-09-2008, 01:12 PM
    i got a pair of those bose in ears for free from work, they're pretty decent so long as you dont turn them up too loud...
  • 01-09-2008, 07:19 PM
    well...if you got them free, I guess it's alright.

    See, what bose does is they market their IEM's to compete with the likes of budget sures and etymonics (well all know they don't stand a chance) but people see them...and how they're about $10-$20 cheaper...and think "hey...I can get bose quality, for CHEAPER!" and thats how they catch this market. But we all know better...right?
  • 02-06-2008, 10:02 AM
    I do. The bose are crap, extremely muddy and distorted bass thats turned up way too high.
    For my money, I love shures product, especially if you are tough on headphones (wear them over 2 hours a day) The warranty truly is the best in the business. No questions asked and 2 years long. the SQ is way better on the e2c's than anything you have tried. Dont be afraid to give them a shot. I currently have the se210's and they are great. very comfortable, clean but not perfect sound, and great sound isolation. a bargain at the 149 price point.