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    mini disc thread requested


    is there a thread on this topic?

    now and then I do use a mini disc recorder for conferences and concerts. Betimes I enjoy recording my 4 years old daughter.

    mini disc recorder: MD Walkman Sony MZ-R900/S
    external microphone: Sony ECM_MS907
    wireless headphone: Sennheiser HDR 45

    The sound quality is surprisingly real... It did make me turn my head following a sound source while listening to a recorded stereo signal.

    It occurred to me to record a concert (Patty Smith in Montagnola-Switzerland, where Herman Hesse lived) and tamper with the controls after the concert had ended, but before the recorder had fully "terminated" the disc.
    Is there a chance to recover the wonderful concert recording?
    The disc is actually identified as partially recorded, but the player does not manage to identify the tracks.

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    Yes, I too am a MiniDisc loyalist. So much so that Ive gotten rid of my iPod Video (Black) 30GB and soon my 2d gen black Nano and am proud to say Im going BACK to MiniDiscs!

    Three reasons:

    1 - I realized I hate menu-ing around to listen to or select songs. I dont need conmputing to be part of my musical experience when on the go, either on foot or in automobile.

    2 - I listen to records at home. I record vinyl to MiniDisc and enjoy on the go. I can put roughly two albums on one MD at MDLP.

    3 - I record my drum practicing and record my moms stories, she's a great storyteller.

    I've owned five Sony MDs - the MZ-R900 and the MZ-N1 are my all time favs. I currently own two, I forget the models. Ones black and is only for playback. Plus a Japan only Net MD S-Type MDLP deck in champagne, the MDS-JE780, a freaking great MD deck!

    Goodbye iPods!

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    I've been an MD user for over 10 years. In fact, I'm not sure CD-RW was even available when I got my first deck!
    I got into Hi-MD (1GB discs!) as well (although portables only)

    Unfortunately Sony seems to have pulled the plug on new MD products and never released a true Hi-MD Hi-Fi deck.

    My JB-920 soldiers on...

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    Unfortunately, MD's are yesterday's news. A shame, really, since the medium was so compact and flexible. I still use 'em and keep Sonic Stage on the ol' computer....

    Onkyo makes the only home-based Hi-MD deck (MD-133)

    A little steep in price, but a great geek toy for some of us (ahem).

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