JBL Charge 4 VS Sony XB41

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  • 06-29-2019, 09:41 AM
    JBL Charge 4 VS Sony XB41
    Hi, I am new in this forum. I needed a bit of help with two bluetooth speakers, but I couldnt find any in other forums. I hope someone will help me here😊 So, about 3 months ago I bought a Sony XB41 Bluetooth speaker. I had done my research and found out that sony speakers are known for their bass, while JBL speakers have a more balanced sound (by balanced I mean its good for every kind of music). I decided to choose the XB41, because at the time I was able to get it cheaper than the JBL and my friend had a XB31, so I knew they sounded good. I was pretty satisfied with my purchase until this Monday. A friend from school got a JBL Charge 4 and I had heard it before, but it sounded pretty quiet. It turned out that he just hadnt turned it to max volume before. So he turned the volume to 100% and I dont know if it was me, but the JBL sounded a lot better and a lot louder than my XB41. I started thinking about selling mine and buying a JBL, but I havent really seen legit comparisons on YouTube with the 2 speakers. I wanted to know what is other people's opinion, who have experienced both of the speakers. I hope someone is going to help me.
  • 07-18-2019, 05:46 PM
    Both have good sound quality though I prefer JBL since it has Aux input.
  • 04-02-2021, 02:31 AM
    O que o ajudará a resolver seus problemas penianos, só recomendo que você volte sua atenção para esta página página seguinte, onde tenho certeza que ficará satisfeito