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    Help me choose earphones that stay in place


    I recently bought my first good quality earphones to listen to music through my nokia n82.
    After reading a lot of good reviews I decided to go with the Klipsch Image S4. The sound quality is great but I find myself constantly adjusting the ear-piece. While I'm running it never stays in place for more than 2-3 minutes. They don't fall out they just don't stay tight in place and I lose all the bass. There are 3 pairs of different size ear buds I've tried them all...I even tried to wear the earphones in different ways hoping it would help like for example upside down bringing the cable over the ear. It didn't help much.

    So, I'm thinking of trying a new pair. Specifically I'm looking at these : Klipsch Custom 2

    I'm thinking because of the "over the ear cable" design it will stay much better in place, am I right? Do you have any other "over the ear" earphones you can recommend around the same price range? Or any other you know it will stay in place better? Even though I mainly use them for running, I almost always do it in the gym so I prefer them to be noise isolating like these.
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    Earbuds suck..i'd rather get a pair of Sennheiser PX-100's or something similar so you don't need to worry about anything falling they're very comfy and will most likely sound better.
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    I have that model of Senns and they do sound good, they also have a seal against the ear to keep a lot of sound out.

    Have you tried maybe wearing a sweat head band and lowering it onto the ear to hold the buds in? May look dumb but if it works.....

    Good luck and welcome to AR

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    A few months ago i bought a couple of really good pair of earphones and headphones. Did i forget to tell you how comfortable they are? They dont even fall out my ears when i go for my morning jog. They are really amazing! Earphones can come pretty pricey though, but that comes with good quality. The better the quality, the better the sound of the music. It is more defined and you can hear every detail of the music clearly. I got my earphones/headphones from - Like i said some of them are pricey, but it comes with better sound.

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    I got the Shure SE210s a couple weeks ago. My older Shure earbuds went through the washing machine along with my older iPod Nano. So it was upgrade time!

    The foam earbuds on the new SE models are amazingly comfy. They also seem lighter. I hardly notice them. I like the over-the-ear style , it just seems more discrete (you can wear them either way though). Sound isolation is much improved over the older style, and they stay put. I must have odd ears or something 'cause I can't keep the stock Apple earbuds in my ears even when I sit motionless. Very good sound from the 210s. I suspect they may lack huge thumping bass for those who crave that sort of thing. I don't particularly, so they meet my tastes very well. Pretty large price range depending on where you go online. HeadRoom has treated me well in the past and they have a very useful website ( ). I decided to pay their prices because I like them.

    The current iPod Touch is sweet too. WiFi!

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    I have had good results with M-Audio's line. The over the air cable is snug as a bug so far.
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    My first attempt at addressing this issue for myself was a set of Sennheiser OMX 80. I use them with an iPod Shuffle (MP3 format). While they do sound quite good (especially treble and mid-range) when I initially put them on, once I start running they loosen a small bit. At that point, the bass diminishes, perhaps 33 - 50%. I've tried using the numerous attachments included, and I eventually found a combination that did help somewhat. The upside is that they have NEVER fallen off my ears, I have never needed to stop running and deal with my earphones. I have the volume adjusted to a level that allows me to hear most everything around me, while still listening to music at an enjoyable level. Considering the price point and that they solve the initial problem by staying engaged with my ears, I have little to complain about.

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