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    CD boombox, ipod dock, and remote?

    Any advice, please, on a portable CD boombox, that also plays an IPOD (nano)
    AND has a remote control?
    An ipod dock would be great, but if not, an aux jack would work.
    (I would prefer NOT to have radio or cassette)
    Any suggestions? ($50 to $75 would be great, even used or reconditioned).
    Many thanks,

    p.s. I suppose the remote would only work the CD, not the ipod?

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    Hi, I'm looking for the same, except with Radio also. I've picked up $50 products at Zellers and returned them CD SKIPs! any suggestions are welcomed!

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    Get a JVC Kaboom Box:

    Best-sounding boombox, hands down.

    They don't have iPod docks, but it doesn't matter, you can use the auxiliary input. Just get an 1/8th stereo minijack cord from Radioshack and run it out of the headphone out and into the auxiliary input. Doesn't charge the iPod, but still sounds fine.
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