• 06-07-2010, 05:54 PM
    Mr Peabody

    Originally Posted by IBSTORMIN
    What I'd really like to eventually snag is a pair of Tympani IIIb's with four bass panels in the middle and two outer panels on each side for mid/tweet. BUT, talk about taking up alot of room and a wall of sound ! ! ! ! !

    OR, five Tympani 1d like I have in a DVD-A/SACD surround sound setup. Of course the center would have to modified........

    Now, you are talking!
  • 06-07-2010, 06:22 PM
    Mr Peabody
    A friend of mine uses external crossovers and I believe he told me they were Accuphase. Those may be a bit expensive.

    Audio Control makes a gizmo called the Phase Coupled Activator. This has a built in 2-way crossover but it isn't adjustable. The last one I seen you had to buy a card from AC with the frequency you wanted. Just buy one the same frequency as the Tympani already has. The interesting thing about this unit, according to Audio Control, it digitally recreates low end frequencies that were lost in the recording process. It definitely will create some low end. I had one back in the day when I had some Kappa 7's. As if those 12's weren't low enough the PCA really produced some bass. If your amp and speakers are up to the job the PCA will make your system sound like you have a sub without having a sub.

    If you are serious you might want to start another thread just asking about external crossovers to get more input.