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    Yet another poll for my fellow AR posters

    Let's say that you're a criminal defense attorney. A case regarding a child molester comes across your desk. The police found the bodies of two molested and murdered children in the crawlspace under his house.

    The problem is that the police executed an illegal search to find those bodies. You are certain that the search would be deemed "fruit from the poison tree" and disallowed and you could get this guy off. To sweeten the pot, he happens to be from a very rich family who would be willing to pay ANYTHING, even millions, to get an acquittal. Also, the molester brags to you how easy the crime was to do and you are certain that he will do it again if acquitted. Would you take the case?

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    Not me personally, but every person does need to be defended guilty or not.
    Remember, different isn't always better, but it is different.
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