Writing an essay

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  • 08-05-2021, 12:27 AM
    Writing an essay
    Hi guys! I need to write an essay, but I'm really bad at it, so is there any advice you can give me?
  • 08-05-2021, 01:20 AM
    I know that every essay has to have a structure, and you can find on the internet examples of good essays.
  • 08-05-2021, 02:40 AM
    Haven't you thought about getting some help from the internet? When I studied at college, I'd spend hours on one good essay. It was really tiring, but I just didn't know I could buy them online. For example, I used essaypro.com/rewrite-my-essay to rewrite my paper once, and it turned out so good that I forgot about writing anything by myself at all.
  • 08-11-2021, 12:41 AM
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  • 08-12-2021, 02:24 AM
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